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This app is designed to support international people who are interested in learning German driving license theory in Germany. Our goal is to make German driving license theory simple and understandable for everyone regardless how good or bad your German language is!

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Read-Listen & Learn Your German Driving License Theory (Klasse B) via App in 21 Days
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Traffic Signs & Technique
Verkehrszeichen & Technik

Learn how the traffic signs are used as a method of warning and guiding drivers. Traffic signes help to regulate the flow of traffic.

Danger Theory

While driving, understanding yourself as well as other people on road is just as important as knowing traffic rules.

Right of Way and Priority
Vorfahrt und Vorrang

Understanding the rights and priority is extremely important to avoid any kind of mistakes on the road.

Behavior on the Road
Verhalten im Straßenverkehr

Safe driving behavior is extremely important as your make many choices as you drive, and these choices have effects.

Awesome Features

The Best and Clever Way To Learn Your Driving License Theory with the help of Fahren123.de

Created like the real theory Test

Our App contains the same number of questions and has the same format to get you well prepared for the theory test

No more fear of understanding

Our aim for creating this app was to provide you full awareness and understanding while making it in your mother language

Learn more Professionally

The layout of our App ensures to present smooth flow of information (questions & answers), material and information which is required to pass the theory exam

Online, On The go

Our app provides you the opportunity to keep learning anywhere you like. If you are stuck somewhere, you can make the most of your time and take practice theory test.

Monitor Your Performance

With the built-in performance system, our app shows you the exact learning status what you have achieved. It helps you to plan your theory test accordingly

Improve based on your errors

In case you answer the question incorrectly, you will be able to listen read and learn the correct answer immediately.

APP Screenshots

It’s great that you have visited fahren123.de for your driving license theory preparation. Below you may find some screenshots


It’s great that you have visited fahren123.de for your driving license theory preparation. Below you may find some useful information

Our app contains the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Persian, Pastho, English, Urdu and German. The official and authentic language is considered as German language.

Yes, you to pay for the App. Against the payments, the App is only valid for one year.

According to our best knowledge, we have added 1147 questions which have been officially provided by TÜV/ DEKRA.

No, you can use the app only on one device. In order to use it on another device, you have to log out from the other device.

Yes, you can use the app on both devices.

There are no official test papers offered. The sample sheets used in fahren123.de license app are examples and could appear in the exam.

You need the following documents: Completed driving license application, First aid course, certificate, Eye test certificate, Biometrical passport picture, Identity card, passport or residence permit, Registration confirmation from the driving school

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